guys…God is really faithful.

what i want to do is write every single thing i’ve done this weekend. what i need to do is NOT that. so, i will do my best to be concise.

SOOOOOOO. i decided to skip out on stillwater friday, instead of waiting until game day to try to get out of town. so, i said goodbye to michaela (OSU will miss you, friend), and set out for the place that was my home for 4 years of my life.

upon arriving in edmond, i immediately went to kayleigh’s apartment, where i loved on some people. later, we went to big truck tacos for laura’s birthday dinner, and the entire restaurant sang happy birthday to her. that was wonderful and fun. i bought a SWEET pair of big truck tacos sunglasses for $3, only to break them the next day.

on the way out, holly guthrie (who i regrettably did not get to know better while i was still at OC) asked me what i was doing with my life, and i answered her. when i was done, she told me that i was very brave to be doing what i am doing, and that she wishes me all the best. i really appreciated that, it was one of the sweetest things in the world.

when we got back to OC, i called taryn and talked to her for quite a while outside kayleigh’s apartment. after i got off the phone with her, i went and said hi to meredith, and on my way back to kayleigh’s, i ran into kristi and callie and the joshes. they asked me some questions about OSU and grad school, and i talked to them for a few minutes. then, i went to madison’s apartment, where people were already watching shutter island. i never really got into it because i came in late, and laura didn’t want to finish it, and laura gets whatever she wants because it is her BIRTHDAY!!! so, we started emporer’s new groove instead.

am i still only on friday? i need to step it up.

long story short, me and kayleigh left and went to bed soon after. i was tired.

saturday morning, i woke up and got lunch with kelcy at all about cha. (note: I MISS THAT PLACE SO MUCH.) we stayed there for a while, then we went to his apartment to watch boy meets world. we ended up watching like 6 or 7 episodes before i left. i went back to OC to put in laundry (that’s right, i’m a mooch), and then i got dinner at chick-fil-a with lisa curry. after dinner, we went to see “the switch” with jillian, charissa, and brittany peterson. roommate, cassie, kayla, and charles were there, too! then, we went to peach wave, and then we went to the hord’s to see their puppy and hang out with them. we talked engagements (seriously, 3 more this weekend?! OUT OF CONTROL, PEOPLE.), belaying, and jobs, and then me and charissa went back.

today, i woke up and went to bridgeway for church, knowing that i was going to leave after worship to go to frontline’s noon service with dylan and christiane. i’m so glad i went, because i got to see and hug christal, brianna, hannah faye, and so many more people i adore. before frontline started, i got to get an espresso from coffee slingers and see kellie for the first time in WAY too long, then we headed to church, which was phenomenal, as always.

after church, i went back to kayleigh’s to fold my laundry, and i called taryn again. we had one of the greatest talks i’ve had in years. i am so thankful for her friendship, and for the place we are both in at the same time. we have so much to learn from each other, and God has so much to teach us through this time of transition for both of us. i am so excited to see what God will do (and is already doing) through her sweet heart.

so, about halfway through this phone conversation with taryn, josh comes in and just lies down on the floor (we were the only ones in the apartment) and grabs some pillows and a blanket and goes to sleep. so, taryn and i talk for about another 45 minutes while he just snoozes. at one point, raelynn’s boyfriend, will, comes in, and i am on the phone on the couch, josh is asleep on the floor, and i’m sure will was very confused and weirded out (i asked him later, and he confirmed my suspicion).

after all-uh-dat, me and josh went to the wedge to meet kayla, scott, and brogan for dinner, which was delicious, and too short. then, me and josh headed over to dylan and christiane’s for a labor day cookout, where we saw some more wonderful friends, and generally had a fabulous time. then, i took josh back to OC, said hi to my old apartment and apartment-mate, and said “peace out, e-town. it’s been real.”

yes, i really said that. yes, i said it out loud.

on my way back home, i reflected on the weekend, and praised God for the incredible people he has put into my life. i honestly couldn’t love you all more than i do, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift of friendship. i cherish and treasure the amazing people you are. thanks for putting up with me, i don’t deserve you!

now, back to work. i’ve got a ton o’ stuff due this week, so my “holiday” tomorrow will be devoted to an entire day of learning a shakespeare monologue, starting an in-depth play analysis, reading plays for my directing class, and starting a HUGE reading assignment. reality, as they say, (and pardon my french), is a chienne.


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this used to be a summer blog. now, summer's over. i'm starting graduate school. i'm equal parts excited out of my mind...and terrified out of my mind. come on my adventure with me.
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One Response to guys…God is really faithful.

  1. Carmen says:

    I’m so sad I missed seeing you last night 😦 glad to hear you had a spectacular weekend though!!! miss you~

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