blah blah blah, responsibility.

my name is carly, and i am a procrastinator.

guilty as charged. i’ve never denied it. i’m not that smart. i’m not that motivated. but somehow, i managed to procrastinate my way through my first college degree. i even ended graduating summa cum laude somehow. trust me, i’m just as shocked as you are.

(ps, that’s a 3.85 or higher GPA. someday when you’re as lonely as me, you’ll find something to cling on to, too.)

enough self-deprecation. i promise this post has a point.

or does it?

gah! i’m even procrastinating to tell you this story!

OK. SO. thursday night, i’d made plans to go with my housechurch to edmond to see waterdeep play a show at bridgeway. duh, going to my hometurf, i’m obviously going to hang out with some friends after the show.

i am so smart.

all the time i’m spending NOT in stillwater, i’m thinking “shoot, i have a HUGE analysis assignment due in my directing class tomorrow. i should probably go back and START on it.” of course, not once did i think what i should have thought, which is “man, i really should have started on this earlier this week.”

i left edmond for stillwater at 11:30.

i know, i know. i am brilliant.

this is what the timeline looks like:

12:17am, september 10th. my analysis on the play “bus riley is back in town” is due in about 13 hours.

i arrive back at my apartment. upon arrival, i realize that in addition to this analysis, i have to give a quiz to my intro class. i have not yet looked at the quiz to make sure i know what the answers are so i can cover it all prior to the quiz. aaaaaaaaand cue minor freak-out.


i debate whether or not i should go to bed for a couple of hours, then wake up and work on things. since i know myself, i know that i will not wake back up, but sleep forever once i am asleep. i decide to just beast it.

12:45am (i promise this will get much less tedious.)

i put on sweatpants, take out my contacts, put on my glasses, put my mufasa hair up in a ponytail, and get my game-face on. i also put on a pot of coffee and made myself eggs-in-a-well. hey, i needed some protein. (cooking has been an outlet for my procrastination. when i’m putting something off, i will cook. then, i will eat. while i cook and eat, i get nothing done. it’s a vicious cycle, really.)


i start on my second cup of coffee. i’m done with the quiz, deciding that i know what’s on it well enough to teach it to my students in about 9 hours. i estimate to myself that upon completion, my analysis will be 8 pages. boy, was i in for a treat.


i see a bug flying around my lamp, so i get up and kill it. i flush it down the toilet. (but first, i screamed and freaked out.)


i take a break because the coffee is starting to get to me and make me shaky and unable to focus. i make myself a peanut butter sandwich. at this point, i have about 1/3 of my analysis done. my analysis is already 8 pages long. i am starting to get tired and distracted at every little sound, so i put in a pair of earplugs to block out the sound. then, i get back to work.


i am 2/3 of the way done with my analysis. i am on page 18. i told myself i’d go to bed for a couple of hours once i was halfway done, but i decided to keep going. not much else to report, other than at this point, i am ready to die.


I AM DONE! at least, as done as i’m going to be for tonight. i’m about 4/5 of the way through my analysis, everything else that’s left has to be marked in the script. i decide to save that for tomorrow. my analysis clocks in at 19 pages, but don’t be too impressed. most of it was in outline form.


i get into bed, set my alarm for 8, and enjoy what sleep i have left.

little did i know, i would be spending the better part of the next two days trying to regulate my sleep schedule. yikes.

something i’ve learned within the last year: i am pretty much useless without at least 8 hours of sleep. i am getting old.

the moral of this story? grow up and be responsible.

oh, and don’t put things off until the last minute.

oh, and if you’re going to be out of town on a school night, be sure you work ahead so you don’t have to do this again.

oh, and all of these things are important, but seeing your friends is ALWAYS going to be worth staying up all night. you will get everything done. quit worrying and live your life.

the supreme irony of all of this: while i was writing this blog post, i was putting off some schoolwork. will i ever learn?

that was rhetorical.


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this used to be a summer blog. now, summer's over. i'm starting graduate school. i'm equal parts excited out of my mind...and terrified out of my mind. come on my adventure with me.
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