hey, everybody. it’s just me.

i’m going to go ahead and echo everything that everybody’s been saying about the cooler weather. IT IS WONDERFUL. I AM HAPPY THAT IT HAS ARRIVED.

talk to be in a couple months, and i’m sure i’ll be so sick of it and ready for warm weather.

but for right now, i am beside myself with joy.

today was the first crisp day of fall, with a high in the low 70s. i know, i know, fall started last week sometime, but i was still sweating all day, so that didn’t count.

today’s one of those days when you try to pick out a sweater, only to find that they all have those bumps on the shoulders from where they’ve been hanging in the closet since last fall. i hate those little bumps. what do you do with them? iron them? try to get them wet and mold them to your actual shoulder shape? does anyone else have this same problem, or am i alone here?

so, you finally give up trying to get those shoulder bumps flat, and you leave the house in the hitherto neglected sweater. you step outside, and your armpits don’t start sweating immediately (again, anyone?). that is a nice change.

that’s what happened to me today, pesky shoulder bumps and all. i was elated when i walked into my read-through to a room full of people with similar shoulder bumps in their sweaters.

it’s good to know i’m not alone.


About downbytheburoak

this used to be a summer blog. now, summer's over. i'm starting graduate school. i'm equal parts excited out of my mind...and terrified out of my mind. come on my adventure with me.
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