fall break!

hey, everybody! last week, i wanted to kill myself because of school. and this weekend, i have done ZERO schoolwork. that can only mean one thing:


i’m going to be kicking myself for my lack of responsibility this weekend. but, i will survive. i hope.

after pretty much the worst 24 hours of my life*, i guilted megan ashwood into driving me to firestone to pick my car up. then, i headed to edmond! once in edmond, i creeped on millie rehearsal for a while. it was great to see some of my super-talented friends being awesome. then, i got to worship with the OC housechurch, which was so wonderful. after that, i went to cafe de taipei with my friend melissa, who goes to OCU. i had a really great night.

friday, i went to all about cha to surprise kellie penrod, who was having coffee with kelcy white. i convinced them to go to chapel at OC with me. after chapel, me and kellie went to eat in the caf with josh and kayleigh. after that, me and kellie went to cha, where kelcy met us later, and we all talked forever. then, i went with kelcy to run some errands, then we went back to his apartment so i could finish glee from last week. then, i went back to OC, went to goodwill with laura (who would be engaged only a few hours later!), raelynn, kayleigh, madison, and josh. then, i headed to tulsa!

i arrived in tulsa on friday just in time to eat a steak dinner with my parents and sister, kate. after dinner, me and my mom and kate made pioneer woman cinnamon rolls (oh, baby), and we watched the princess and the frog. that was a really great family night. and, i found out that my wonderfully precious friends laura and brett got engaged!

saturday, i woke up and went to camp to work zipline and swing for a group of 7th grade boys from metro christian. they were all really sweet and precious. after i worked at camp, i went home and took a really long nap because i was exhausted for some reason. then, i woke up and ran some errands with my mama, and got caught up on tv shows from this last week.

today, all i’ve done is go to church, eat lunch, and now i’m at panera with lauren smith! she’s doing homework, and i’m writing a blog post. i need to go back to stillwater so i can work ahead for this week (SUFJAN IS WEDNESDAY. JONSI IS MONDAY. I NEED TO WORK AHEAD ON SCHOOL.), but i don’t know when i will do that. it’s fall break. i want to enjoy all of that i can before i go back to being miserably busy with schoolwork.

in other news, in case you missed it, I AM DRIVING TO DALLAS ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT TO SEE SUFJAN STEVENS. THEN, I AM DRIVING TO GRAND PRAIRIE THE MONDAY AFTER THAT TO SEE JONSI. i’m driving back to edmond after both shows are over, and i need people to ride with me so i don’t have to drive both ways alone. if you are interested and not creepy, hit me up. PS MY MOM IS LETTING ME TAKE HER CAR TO BOTH! which means i will have her car for the next week and a half!

my blog posts are always boring and uninteresting. but not to me. that’s all that matters.

*pretty much the worst 24 hours of my life: researching for a huge presentation for HOURS, my car completely breaking down, towing it to firestone, bumming a ride back to my place, working some more after having wasted 4 hours on the car situation, staying up FOREVER working on the stupid presentation, finishing the presentation only to begin scouring my entire textbook looking for a term paper topic, researching said term paper topic, formulating a thesis statement for said term paper at like 6:30 in the morning, FINALLY going to sleep, sleeping for like 45 minutes, waking up so early for the class in question, waiting an hour and a half through a lecture before i could get my presentation over with, and – FINALLY – giving said presentation. UGH.


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this used to be a summer blog. now, summer's over. i'm starting graduate school. i'm equal parts excited out of my mind...and terrified out of my mind. come on my adventure with me.
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