22, it’s been real.

you were a good year. here are some highlights:

  • i played a bunch of shows.
  • i somehow survived astronomy, with the help of kayleigh, taryn, madison, jonathan, jillian, and many others.
  • i somehow survived dell dying.
  • i somehow survived LOST ending.
  • i saw about a million friends get married.
  • i saw about a million more get engaged.
  • i applied to/auditioned for/got accepted to graduate school.
  • i started graduate school.
  • i wanted to drop out of graduate school. daily.
  • i ran a 5k. for extra credit. i’m not above it.
  • i directed my favorite play ever, which was a dream come true. it was actually the perfect experience with the perfect people.
  • i designed a set, all by myself! i mean, it was essentially just a platform, but come on.
  • i got the jonsi album the moment it came out.
  • i subsequently died upon listening to it.
  • i SOMEHOW survived taking 20 hours in one semester.
  • i made my first (and hopefully last) C. in american history.
  • i discovered the beauty and love that is girls group.
  • i went on many road trips: abilene, dallas (about a million times), austin, norman, lawrence, you name it.
  • i talked on inanimate objects as phones more than i talked on actual phones.
  • i decided to work at camp for the summer.
  • i convinced kayleigh to work at camp with me.
  • i somehow survived the infamous 6-tickets-for-graduation fiasco.
  • i read harry potter.
  • i participated (albeit briefly) in a peaceful protest for a great cause.
  • i wanted to kill someone every day because OC internet never worked.
  • i climbed lots of rocks.
  • i wrote a song.
  • i watched my friends being famous: taryn on network tv and evan running lights on jimmy fallon.
  • i played live with the non.
  • i played horn on people,people’s album.
  • i got to act onstage with my hero, amber harrington herself.
  • i got to hold a lot of babies and play with a lot of puppies.
  • i almost died in a lot of tornadoes.
  • i almost died in one freak hail storm.
  • i got tweeted at by sara watkins and ree drummond (the pioneer woman).
  • i fell in love with kent.
  • i fell in love with my camp family.
  • i got accused of stealing walkie #15.
  • i invented epi-pen, the most fun game on earth.
  • i got in my first car wreck. we almost died in a flood.
  • i almost died again, this time in a huge storm.
  • i lived by myself for the first time in my life.
  • i rappelled from a roof.
  • i lead worship at a precious friend’s baptism.
  • i got asked to be the maid of honor for my best friend’s wedding!
  • i got asked to play music at one of my best friends’ wedding!
  • i went to a beauty pageant that was TOTALLY toddlers and tiaras.
  • i read the pioneer woman’s whole entire love story. it gave me unrealistic hopes and dreams about falling in love.
  • i started paying my bills. (it’s overrated.)
  • i stayed out until last call for the first time in my life.
  • i started teaching a class of freshman intro to theatre.
  • i went on kappa float.
  • i loved on my friends.

23, you have a lot to live up to. i’m excited.


About downbytheburoak

this used to be a summer blog. now, summer's over. i'm starting graduate school. i'm equal parts excited out of my mind...and terrified out of my mind. come on my adventure with me.
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