birthday/homecoming weekend!

so listen.

last week was straight up crazy. long story short, i hardly slept. i was working on an annotated bibliography for a term paper in my history&theory class, as well as a prompt book for directing. i got about 4 hours of sleep each night, excluding thursday night. i woke up thursday at about 8am, went to classes, went to rehearsal, got out of rehearsal at midnight, (the beginning of friday, my birthday), worked through the night on my prompt book, took a shower and went to my intro class, came back at 11:30am, and finished my prompt book in enough time to turn it in at 1:30. i didn’t end up going to sleep until about 3:30. AM. on saturday morning.

so, all in all, i was awake for a little less than 48 hours. but, i was awake for my ENTIRE birthday, so i didn’t miss a minute of the celebrating! (if you can call working for 12 solid hours on a prompt book celebrating.)

once the prompt book was turned in, i was in birthday mode! i packed up my things for my super fun weekend at OC and went to a salon that was having a november birthday special: 25% off a massage if your birthday is in november! i decided earlier this week i was going to treat myself and man, i am glad i did. i got an hour long full body massage for less than $50! it was glorious. i’d never had a professional massage, so it was pretty luxurious. and what a perfect time to do it, too! i’d been staying up and really abusing my body all week long, so it was a great way to unwind after a super-stressful week.

once the massage was over, i went to edmond! me and kayleigh ushered for millie (mostly so i wouldn’t have to buy a ticket…), and then we watched the show. i am so proud of all my beautiful and talented friends! madison was a precious dancing beauty, hannah faye was hilarious and singing her sweet heart out, josh was a tapper extraordinaire, kristi was a STUD doing everything, kimber GOT that tap solo, and DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON LAURA BOWLES AND BRETT VANDERZEE. gosh. they were so perfect and funny that i can’t even hardly stand it. brett vanderzee is a freak of nature. the kid is so talented and versatile, he blows my mind. laura’s mrs. meers was the. best. she’s just the funniest person in the world. so so so funny. i’ll definitely be talking in brett’s plankton voice and singing “they don’t know” a la laura for weeks.

after the play, i hung out with kaley white for a while, and we went to go surprise kelcy at his apartment. thing is, he didn’t finally go to his apartment for like an hour and a half, so we just had some good girlie time. she’s such a sweetheart. when kelcy finally came home, i had time to hug him. then, i left because i was EXHAUSTED (understatement of my lifetime).

after sleeping for about 3 hours, i woke up SUPER EARLY to go to iota’s first ever alumni breakfast! it was such a wonderful time! it was great to see not only the other girls from iota’s first year, but iota’s current members as well. and we got to meet a lot of the new girls! the sweet officers honored the charter members with the announcement that our littles and their littles are now our “families” named after our last names! i am so honored! knowing that there’s going to be a conklin family in iota for years to come is really humbling, and i am floored by the generosity of those girls! i am so excited about their future and the things that God is doing through those girls and in them. i am proud to be associated with iota!

after alumni breakfast, i went to the parade. i got to see a lot of people there, which was really great! then, there was a free lunch, and then i went to chelsey’s for a little bit to catch up with her. then, i met kelcy at all about cha for a little bit while he was working on homework.

my parents came into town for my birthday and jon’s, so our whole family plus cara and tim went out for birthday dinner saturday night. we went to cattleman’s, which is DELICIOUS. we did gifts (i got a wii fit and a cardigan and a shirt and a headband and other things!), and then we went to the musical. i was going to go to the mousetrap downtown, but we decided to go to millie instead. i am so glad i went again! it was just so good.

after the musical, me and kelcy hit up cafe de taipei for a while. i really love that place, and i miss it. i was getting to be pretty loopy from the sleep deprivation, so i quickly called it a night and went back to kayleigh’s to go to bed.

sunday, i got up to go to bridgeway, which was wonderful, of course. after church, i went to karissa/brianna lunch, where i got to see a bunch of lovely people. after lunch, i picked up kayleigh and we went to meet kayla saffell (or so we thought) at peach wave, but brogan surprised us by being there, too! so, the 4 of us spent some great time together eating fro-yo. after that, we headed back to kayleigh’s, where i proceeded to take a nap for a few hours. i was supposed to have rehearsal in stillwater on sunday afternoon, but i cancelled it because i was so exhausted. i’m really glad i did. i really hate being in a hurry.

i woke up from my nap and had dinner with meredith. then, i headed back to stillwater.

all in all, it was an incredible birthday/homecoming weekend, full of family, friends, and fun times! thank you to everybody who made it possible! i love you all!

until next time.


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this used to be a summer blog. now, summer's over. i'm starting graduate school. i'm equal parts excited out of my mind...and terrified out of my mind. come on my adventure with me.
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  1. i am so sad you didn’t mention me attacking you when i realized you were at kayleigh’s 😀

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