– i didn’t sleep well last night.
– the universe hates me.

well. that’s pretty much it.

i went to my intro class, and the teacher of record kept getting sidetracked and rambling ON AND ON AND ON in class. i felt bad for the students in the class, because they were totally lost, and their eyes were glazed over.

THEN, me and james (the other TA in the same class) went to meet with said teacher of record so we could plan out the rest of this week, when we are in charge of teaching the class. that meeting was also filled with tangential rambling. so that was annoying.

BUT, scott goodrich came up to my office during my office hour and ate lunch with me! that was good.

after that, directing just seemed really really long today. i didn’t have time to ask my professor if a certain play that i’ve possibly selected to do for our directing projects is ok because michaela lost her wallet and wanted me to go back to my apartment and look for it.

SO, i ride my bike back to my apartment (that’s one round-trip, to campus and home, which is about a mile, uphill both ways somehow), where i can’t find her wallet. and i feel really bad. i look for a while, and then make a list of things i have to do back on campus. i fill up my backpack and head back uphill to campus. i turn in some things i need to turn in, decide to NOT ask my directing professor about the play because he is holding auditions for midsummer tonight and i’m not auditioning and i don’t want to talk to him about not auditioning, and head over to the TINY EXCUSE FOR A TEMPORARY BOOKSTORE.

once i’m there, i lock up my bike and backpack outside (yeah, they make you do that) and go inside to find that i’d FORGOTTEN MY WALLET AT MY APARTMENT. for real?

so i go back to my apartment (second round-trip) to get my wallet, only to start freaking out because i can’t find it. IT WAS IN A DIFFERENT POCKET IN MY BACKPACK.

this is my life.

SO, i go BACK UPHILL to STUPID CAMPUS to the STUPID TINY PREFAB BOOKSTORE, where i spend about a trillion dollars on my theatre history and theory books, which have tiny print and almost no pictures.

THEN, i find out that in order to sell a book back that i bought by mistake, i have to go TO ANOTHER BUILDING. have i mentioned that i was already DRIPPING with sweat and really frustrated? and also that i have no idea where anything is?

so. i sold that stupid book that i don’t need back, and in the process of unlocking my backpack from my bike, i drop my wallet. this super cutie fella with a beard and chacos picks it up and hands it to me!!!! i was on the phone with michaela at the time, who was still freaking out (for good reason) about not knowing where her wallet was, so i said “thank you so much!” to super-cutie-chaco-boy, to which he replied “not a problem, ma’am”, which i will temporarily overlook for the time being. he had a drawl. i don’t care that he called me “ma’am”, and that probably means that he thought i was about 40, because i CERTAINLY looked it today.


rode to hastings to steal their internet, which was slow. got frustrated with the slow internet. went next door to panera. paid my gas bill. rode back to my apartment (round-trip #3). made a grilled cheese. did a load of dishes. fell asleep about 700 times reading for theatre history and theory. decided against taking a nap at 8pm. whined on my blog.

and now, i’ll keep putting off the denotative and connotative paraphrases of my hamlet monologue for shakespeare. after i’ve done that, i will do them. then, i will watch the hours. then, i will sleep forever.

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things i’ve learned about myself:

  • I really miss performing.
  • I need to have interaction with at least one person that I already know every day. Otherwise, I kind lose my grip on reality.
  • I am totally ok with just sleeping with my box springs/mattress on the floor.
  • I have too much stuff.
  • Most of the time, I am too proud to call my friends here. I don’t want them to think that I’m this lonely.
  • I’m glad I don’t drink. If I did, I’d just hole up in my apartment all the time being lonely. Then, I’d drink a lot. That would only intensify my feelings of loneliness. Then, I’d drunk-dial all of my friends and make them feel sorry for me. Then, I’d just be annoying.
  • I feel like a freshman, only without the built-in social life.
  • I’m ok with all of it, though.
  • The fact that I have been so calm about all of these life changes is evidence that the Holy Spirit is at work. It assures that this is what I’m supposed to be doing at this point in my life.
  • And that makes me feel a whole lot less alone.
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things i’ve learned about OSU:

  • OSU is big.
  • Don’t walk in the bike lanes.
  • Don’t touch the walls of the elevators in Kerr-Drummond. Drunk people pee on them.
  • OSU is a tobacco-free campus. It is also a dry campus. Except on game days. All of the rules go out the window on game days.
  • If you don’t LIVE for football, you won’t really fit in.
  • With all of the construction in the union, no one knows where anything is. That means I’m not alone.
  • While the union is being worked on, the dining area and bookstore have been relocated to a prefab. This prefab is TINY. I will never go in there.
  • The 6th floor of Wentz dorm is where all of the theatre kids live.
  • Band camp is going on this week, in and around the seretean. That made me miss band a tiny bit.
  • Then, I was reminded how weird band people are. And I promptly stopped missing it.
  • I don’t know where ANYTHING on campus is.
  • But seriously.
  • It’s a really small world. I met a girl last night that knows so many people I know and love, and now we are best friends.
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things i’ve learned about the TAs:

  • Sunshine has a 14-year old son.
  • Sunshine doesn’t look like she has a 14-year old son. She is precious.
  • Sunshine transferred to the theatre masters program from the English masters program.
  • Sunshine’s name is Sunshine. That is awesome.
  • Within 5 minutes, Randi and I were already best friends.
  • Randi invited me out for drinks with some of the undergrads in the department tonight. I like that.
  • Randi has braces.
  • Randi worked at a camp this summer, where 10 of her 12 teenage girl campers had braces.
  • They had races to see who could floss the fastest. I really like that.
  • Randi’s boyfriend is 4 years younger than her. That gives me hope.
  • Randi went with me to buy books. That was nice of her.
  • Randi, George, and I are all sharing an office. I like that.
  • George is awesome.
  • George directed a Lee Blessing play last spring. We were destined to be best friends.
  • George is directing Topdog/Underdog in December. He is really excited about it.
  • I met Bryson for about 5 seconds. Then, he disappeared. I hear this is not uncommon.
  • Bryson is in an academic integrity video that every student at OSU must watch at the beginning of their college career. We watched that video today. It was very enjoyable. He talks with his hands a lot in the video. Maybe I will post the link.
  • James was in Closer with my friend Angie. I spent about three hours trying to figure out what I’d seen him in before I asked him. He was really good.
  • James was wearing a hospital bracelet. When I asked him what it was for, he said he just got out of the mental ward. Then, he said it was for a CAT scan and MRI on his back, which gave him problems.
  • I still do not know which was true. It is bugging me.
  • James and I have the exact same class schedule, including the Intro to Theatre class we are TAing. I hope he does not get sick of me.
  • Randi directed a play last year. During production, she decided to change her creative component from directing to performance.
  • While directing last year, George also asked if he could change his creative component to performance. He was too far into the program. They said no.
  • These last two things make me extremely nervous about my choice of creative component.
  • Randi and George said that Peter (one of our professors) picks on the first-years a lot. I am glad they warned me.
  • Have I mentioned that Sunshine’s name is Sunshine?
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things i’ve learned about stillwater:

  • Stillwater is small.
  • Cars yield to pedestrians/bikes. That is nice.
  • My apartment is 5 blocks from Panera and Hastings, both of which have free wi-fi. Therefore, I will be there all of the time, until I decide to pay for internet.
  • Therefore, I will be there all of the time.
  • Stillwater has no Target.
  • However, Stillwater does have a Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bueno within a mile of my apartment. That almost makes up for it.
  • It takes roughly 10 minutes to bike from my apartment to the Seretean.
  • It would take about 5 minutes, but the football stadium is in the way.
  • The football stadium is big, especially when you have to bike around it.
  • The sidewalk on Duck between my apartment and McElroy is a pain to bike on. Avoid it at all costs. Or, ride in the street if no cars are coming.
  • But all of the other sidewalks are great.
  • To drive from (mostly) any point in Stillwater to (mostly) any other point in Stillwater, it takes 10 minutes or less.
  • Eskimo Joe’s.
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things i’ve learned about my apartment:

  • My apartment is small.
  • I hope there is enough room for everybody at my housewarming party.
  • The doorknob only works if you turn it toward the woods.
  • There will ALWAYS be paint chips ALL over the carpet, even if I vacuum. I do not know where it’s from. I hope it doesn’t mean the ceiling is caving in. I wouldn’t be surprised.
  • Jeremy Daggs lived in this apartment before me. He forgot to cancel his mail. Therefore, most of the mail I will receive will actually be his. And bills.
  • This papasan chair will NEVER fit.
  • Not to mention its matching ottoman.
  • No matter how many lamps are in the living room, there will never be enough light.
  • Since I have no bed frame, my box springs/mattress are on the floor.
  • I will be sleeping with my box springs/mattress on the floor until I find a bed frame.
  • I have 2 closets in my room. One of them is HUGE. I really like that.
  • I like cooking on a gas stove.
  • There are no quiet hours.
  • If I leave the apartment, I need to make sure to leave the light in the breezeway on. It gets wicked dark in there when the sun goes down.
  • Passing out invitations/warnings for my housewarming party was a GREAT idea. I am such a considerate tenant/neighbor.
  • I can have alcohol in my apartment (not that I ever will).
  • I can have boys in my apartment (not that I ever will).
  • Purchasing this sleeper sofa impulsively was one of the best ideas anyone’s ever had.
  • The bed in the sleeper sofa is comfortable.
  • Until I get my first bills, I am hesitant to turn the thermostat below 80.
  • If there were no curtains in the bedroom, people on the second floor across the courtyard would be able to see into my bedroom.
  • I am glad we bought curtains for my bedroom.
  • Everyone I have talked to in my apartment complex is very nice.
  • Despite all of the seemingly negative things I have said about my apartment, I really love it. It is perfect for me.
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here’s the note i wrote to all of my neighbors:

here’s what happened. i thought i’d be considerate and invite all of my neighbors to my housewarming party, but mostly to warn them that it might get loud. this is just to give you some context:

Hello, and happy Tuesday!

My name is Carly, and I just moved in to #6.

This visit/note is both an invitation and a forewarning to an event that will be taking place in my apartment on Saturday, the 28th of August (next Saturday). I’m hosting a little housewarming party, complete with light appetizers, desserts, and live music. No need to worry, the live music that will be played won’t be big drums and screaming guitars. It will instead be acoustic guitars and microphones that will only be plugged into an amplifier to sharpen up and round out the sound, not to make it louder (because really, as small as my apartment is, there is no need for it to be loud).

This party will begin at 7:00, and people should be all cleared out by midnight. The live music will most likely take place between 8:00 and 11:00. This will not be a “party” in the sense that there will be screaming drunks, in fact I will not be supplying alcohol, and I have discouraged my guests from bringing it.

You and yours are more than welcome to drop by for a minute, or stay a while! In fact, please do! I would love to get to know my neighbors!

If you decide to decline my invitation, I completely understand! I just wanted to clue you all in so I wouldn’t forever be referred to as your new, inconsiderate neighbor!

Feel free to stop by if you have any questions or you want me to reconsider the whole thing. I’m open to negotiation.

Have a good day, and God bless!

tactful, right? i’m pretty proud of myself.

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